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Space Savers

Playsets for Small Yards

With Playground One!®, big fun can happen in small spaces! Even if you have a tiny yard, you don’t have to cut corners when it comes to playtime. Our engineers and designers have tested space-saving innovations and equipment for years to come up with innovative outdoor playsets for small yards.

Like all our playground equipment, our playsets for small yards have the same safety features you've come to expect from Playground One!®, including:

  • High-quality materials. Small space can still mean big safety. Our small swing sets and playsets are made from 100% solid beam North American Pacific Cedar, just like all our playsets. Cedar is naturally resistant to pests, rot, fungus and other issues that could affect the durability of your play areas. This natural resistance means we don't have to use toxic chemicals to coat and treat our lumber. Solid beam construction means your playsets won't buckle, warp or splinter the way engineered wood can.
  • Durable construction. Playground One!® uses hot dipped galvanized steel, which is corrosion-resistant. We also use multi-beam joint connections for our playsets to ensure durability and strength. No matter your climate or how many kids are playing on your playground, our playsets mean years of fun and safety.
  • Safety in mind. We use oversized, rubber-dipped chains on our swings to prevent pinches as well as self-locking industrial connectors for extra safety. Our Gotcha Grips are dimpled and powder-coated to prevent slipping on hand rails, ladder rungs, grips, trapeze bars and safety bars. All of our slides are double-walled and have no exterior reinforcements, which means no splinters and no protruding bolts to cause scratches.

Even if you have a small space to work with, you can still create a lifetime of memories with Playground One!®. We don't cut corners when it comes to safety or quality. Our play spaces use a small footprint, allowing your kids to have fun and to experience multiple play stations and activities even in a small space. Our small space playsets tend to build vertically, allowing for multiple levels of play without taking up a lot of room.

Even if you don't think you can have a great play area because you have a small space, give the Playground One!® representatives and designers a call. You'll be amazed at what our innovative team can come up with when it comes to creating a space for kids to play. We've been committed to helping kids have a great childhood for more than 23 years and we can help you make the most out of every inch of space in your yard.

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