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Playground Sets

Playground One!® playground sets are stylish, fun, innovative and safety-conscious solution for anyone looking for play areas for kids. Whether you're looking for swing sets with a slide, forts, themed play areas or customized playgrounds, our playsets offer several advantages:


  • The benefit of years of experience. Playground One!® was established more than 23 years ago, so we have decades of expertise in play areas, childhood development and safety standards you can count on.
  • The advantage of real wood playsets. Our playsets are made from solid beam 100% Pacific North American cedar wood. Currently, we are the only manufacturer that can make this claim. Our wooden playsets naturally resist splintering, rot and pests because of the cedar while the solid beam construction makes our playsets sturdier — even if you’re the one climbing up with your kids.

In addition, many parents love the look of our pure cedar playsets, which we create to fit in beautifully with every yard.


  • The benefit of lots of choice. We have playsets in every price point, configuration, shape and theme. We can also customize a play set just for you. Whether you're looking for a high-end play set designed to thrill your children or you want something to fit into a small space, we have solutions for you.
  • The advantage of real safety features. All playground suppliers talk big about safety and their commitment to it. But how many can describe exactly what they do to keep your kids safe?


Playground One!® goes further to keep our playsets secure. All of our products are tested by engineers for safety, durability, and design. We use multi-beam joint connections, hot dipped galvanized hardware and solid beam construction so there will be no buckling or swaying.


Every handrail, handle, ladder rung and trapeze bar goes through a process to get power coated and imprinted with nonslip texture for a “Gotcha” grip that prevents slipping. Our bolt fasteners are either recessed or are hot dipped galvanized to prevent protruding attachments.


The chains on our playsets have self-locking industrial chain connectors and rubber dipped oversized chains to prevent pinching of little hands. Each safety slide on our playsets has a sturdy double wall to ensure there is no need for exterior protruding bolts or wood reinforcement. This ensures a smooth slide with no splinters and no scratches.


All our products are designed to last for years and our representatives and designers are always willing to work with you to get you a playset you're going to be thrilled with. Contact us today!

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