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Our Difference

What Makes Playground One!® Stand Out?

When it comes to the best playset company, there's only one company that stands out: Playground One. From the minute we opened our doors and started putting together our first designs, our goal has been to be the best playground equipment company possible. We have built that goal into every design, every product and every customer interaction.

For us, being the “best” doesn't just mean offering the widest selections or the best prices or even the fanciest marketing campaigns. For us, becoming the top playground equipment company means:

  • Highlighting the importance of safety, and ensuring that our playground equipment meets safety standards
  • Designing the best swing sets, playsets, and playground equipment possible
  • Hiring the best designers, engineers, and testers to create the highest-quality products
  • Always selecting quality materials for the best in construction design
  • Overseeing every step of the design and manufacturing process so we can really stand by our products
  • Ensuring exceptional customer service and a wonderful customer experience for each family we work with
  • Talking with children and families to find out how they play
  • Creating equipment that lets kids have a blast — no matter how they play

It’s a pretty tall order, but over the years Playground One has become recognized among families looking for quality products designed with children in mind. We set out to become the best playground equipment and best swing set company by focusing on what is important to you:

  • Solid beam construction - Many companies build their playsets out of engineered wood or layers of wood glued together. This can save on costs, but we found it can also lead to buckling, warping and other problems which can affect safety. That's why we've chosen to only use solid beam construction and 100% Pacific Cedar with all our playsets. Our extensive testing shows that our playsets are naturally fungus resistant and pest resistant and stay sturdy through years of use without the need for toxic chemical treatments.
  • Our robust testing phase - All of our equipment goes through an extensive testing process. We test with designers, engineers and other experts to ensure each of our products is safe and offers hours of creative play. Our engineers ensure that each piece is designed to exceed all safety requirements. In addition, we test with our toughest critics: kids. We always work with children to make sure our playsets and playground equipment really spark imagination.
  • Customizable and expandable swing sets - Have a growing family? Have limited yard space? With Playground One, it's not a problem. Our expandable and customizable modular swing sets allow you to create the unique playset experience your children want. Add a tire swing, start out with a bucket seat swing for the little ones and switch them out as they grow. Create a picnic table, and dance stage area as well. Our multiuse and highly customizable playsets let your family create the play experience you've always wanted.

At Playground One, we’re still working around-the-clock to not only become the top swing set company in the country but to stay that way. We’re always innovating with new equipment and new safety standards to knock your socks off. Check out our catalog today to find out what we've been dreaming up.

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