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About Us

Our Start

It all started in 1993, when a group of parents got together and realized the playground equipment currently on the market wasn't offering them what they needed. When looking for safe playground equipment, our founders discovered that while many companies talked a good game when it came to safety, few of them could answer a basic question: “So, what makes your playground equipment safe, specifically?”

That was a scary realization.

Our founders wanted something different. They wanted playground equipment that was fun and inspired creativity. But they also wanted it to be absolutely safe. They also wanted customizable playsets that could change as the kids play styles changed. They wanted a swing set that went from bucket seats, for example, to tire swings to climbing spaces.

Nobody on the market was offering that at the time, so our founders rolled up their grunge-era sleeves and got to work. Playground One!® was born!

Our History

Since 1993, we have grown a lot. From offering just a few pieces of equipment, we've expanded to playsets, swing sets, customizable solutions and more. Today, parents, schools and other clients know they can turn to us for their play needs — no matter what those needs are.

Along the way, we've acquired a team of top engineers, designers and installers from the playground world to help us design, manufacture and build the best equipment possible. Each of our playsets and swing sets goes through a rigorous testing process — including engineers and kids. We test for safety and fun to ensure playground equipment does exactly what it's supposed to do: keep kids safe while letting them be kids.

Our Mission

One thing that hasn't changed since the very beginning (even as our fashion sensibilities have improved) is our commitment to families. Our mission has remained the same. We still aim for five basic things:

  1. To create equipment that keeps kids safe while they play.
  2. To create customizable equipment that is inclusive, accessible and reflects how individual children want to play.
  3. To create the highest quality equipment — made with solid beam construction, hot dipped galvanized steel rods, hot dipped galvanized bolt fasteners, nonslip dimples and powder coated rods.
  4. To inspire play, imagination and all the magic of childhood.
  5. To offer our clients and customers the ultimate customer service and play experience possible.

It's a pretty tall order, but at Playground One we’re up to the challenge. Every day, our team comes to work ready to take on the playground equipment world and hold all playground equipment to a higher standard. If you'd like to be part of the play revolution, browse our catalog today or get in touch to find out how we design playground equipment that inspires play and ensures safety.

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