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Why We're Number One!

Our Materials

Don't be fooled! The best and safest materials make a huge difference. Playground One Play Sets are constructed using full size Pacific Cedar SOLID beam timbers. We do not mix and match different species of wood or use glued inferior sized timbers on any part, of any of our play sets. Every piece of our Bolt-Cup, snag free safety hardware goes through a multi-step Hot Dipped Galvanization process to ensure rust and corrosion free attachments. Not one component of a Playground One play set has been overlooked. All of our ropes are softer, splinter free and UV coated for maximum durability and safe play. Dimpled Steel Safety-Grip handles, handrails, trapeze bars and ladder rungs not only enhance safety, but also add years of durability. A play system would not be complete without one of our double wall, splinter-free slides.

Our Construction

Playground One's safe, durable and stable construction make for years of Family outdoor playtime. It all starts with our carefully dried SOLID Timbers. Every hole is recessed and pre-drilled to ensure a perfect fit at time of installation. The Interlocking Triple Joint construction on our Adjustable A-Frames is held together with 1/2" diameter bolts for unparalleled stability, durability and safety. Corrosion resistant, rubber coated, pinch free safety chains hold up the oversized belt swings. You can't help but notice the carefully engineered extra spacing on the swing beams for safer swinging. No wood or exterior hardware is used to attach any of our slides, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride every time. Two pre-assembled wood panels with interlocking construction make for a stable and safe wood roof. Playground One's safe, durable and stable construction makes for years of Family outdoor playtime.

Our Customization

The options are endless. Playground One Play Sets offers choices that fit your yard, your family and your budget. Growing Family? Kids getting bigger? Tight space or uneven yard? No problem. Everyone one of Superior Play Sets can be transformed and customized to meet your familes needs and desires. The 3-in-1-picnic table with benches can be used to eat lunch, as a performance stage, a floor for your fort or a simple sandbox cover. Our Transformable 3 Position Swing Beam and accessory beam attachment allow for any combination of belt or baby swing, trapeze bars, knotted rope with disk, and the always popular swinging Pirates Boat. Deck heights from 5ft-7.5ft give you extra room for a 360° swivel tire or just another place to hangout. Check out all of our accessories that make for big creativity. The options are endless. Superior Play Systems offers choices that fit your yard, your family and your budget.

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