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Replacement Canopy

Replacement Canopy

ID: 1136

Regular Price: $250

Special Price $200

Availability: In stock

The canopy/tarp is made of a very durable 18 ounce rip-stop nylon.  It includes snaps on either side for easy removal for cleaning or storage. 

Please enter exact measurements of the canopy/tarp that you need replaced.  If there are any questions regarding sizing or colors, Superior Play Systems will contact you for more information.

The replacement canopy/tarp is a non-refundable purchase.  Please double check your dimensions prior to ordering.  Canopies are a special order item and order time-frame is 4-5 weeks.

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Every Playground One!® playground tarp is designed to last for years, but when it's time for a replacement, this canopy is a great choice. It works with Playground One!® playsets and may be able to work with your other brands as well. Contact a representative or designer to find out for sure.

The Importance of a Playground Canopy

A canopy or covering for your playground is essential for a few reasons:

  • It provides sun safety. UV rays are damaging to the skin and can cause painful sunburns as well as health concerns. A good tarp or cover for your playground helps kids play for hours in the sun with less worry about the UV damage. Even if your kids use sunscreen, a good shade cover can add that extra level of safety.
  • It can help keep kids from overheating. Heat-related illnesses are a serious concern for kids who are playing and running on a playset for hours. Heat stroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion and other problems can be managed by limiting playtime and by ensuring adequate rest and drinks. However, a sunshade or tarp can also help keep kids cooler, which also reduces the risk of heat-related illness.
  • It can keep small hands safer. The sun heats up playground equipment, sometimes to a dangerous degree. If your tarp has become frayed or has holes in it, a good replacement tarp can ensure your playground stays cooler, which can help prevent burns and hurt hands.
  • It can protect your investment. Playground One!® playsets are designed to last, but the sun’s rays do cause fading over time. With a good canopy or tarp, your investment stays looking newer for longer.

If your canopy or shade structure is starting to fade a little, has holes or has simply been in use for so long that it no longer provides the same protection, it may be time for a high-quality playground tarp replacement. Playground One!® canopies are designed to be attractive and to work with your playset’s look. They are also designed to protect your children and your playsets from the sun and its heat.

Your tarp can be one of the best investments you make to ensure your kids enjoy hours of playground fun without having to worry about sunburns, blisters, and other painful summertime ailments.

If you'd like a tarp or canopy for your playground, contact Playground One!® representatives or designers to start putting together the right look for your play area.

Choosing the Right Playground Tarp

You’ll know it’s time for a playground canopy replacement when you notice:

  • Sunburns on kids playing on the equipment
  • Thinning of the material
  • Holes along with other wear and tear on your current playground canopy
  • Fading of the canopy
  • Fraying

If it has been several years since you last put your canopy on your playground, you’ll want to take a close look at it. If your canopy no longer looks great, it can affect the whole look of your play area and can make it unappealing to children. Worse, as the weather affects your canopy, it can render the canopy ineffective. A compromised canopy can let the heat and sun’s rays through, exposing children to overheating, sunburns and other problems. An inadequate canopy can also cause your playground equipment to overheat. This can hurt children’s hands and can make your playground not last as long as you would like.

When choosing a playground tarp replacement, you may want to choose the same canopy you selected originally. If that model is no longer in stock or if you want to upgrade to a better quality, there are a few questions you will want to ask:

  • Do you want a replacement playground roof made from a hard material, such as wood, or a nylon or material canopy? A canopy looks very different and can offer more of a breeze when compared with a hard-surface roof. A hard surface roof can also be costlier and more complex to install.


  • What is the climate like? Does your area see lots of sun? If so, you need robust sun protection. Will your canopy need to be able to withstand lots of wind, rain and other inclement weather? Playground One!® options are built to last and are made to withstand the weather in all kinds of environments.


  • What do I want my canopy to look like? Your canopy can have a big impact on how your play area looks. Playground One!® offers canopies with a bright burst of color, which can make your playground or play fort more appealing and welcoming to kids. The fade-resistant colors also ensure the canopy stays looking great longer.


  • What is my budget? Consider the cost of replacement, how long the canopy will last and the cost of installation. Look for a canopy that fits your budget but that will also last, which can save you money in the long run. With quality materials and a thick surface, Playground One!® canopies ensure you don’t have to replace your canopy as often.


  • What kind of play area do I need to cover? Carefully measure the area to ensure you offer the right surface of sun protection.

Do you need help choosing the right canopy or covering? Playground One!® can help. Contact a member of our team with your questions and design ideas.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Playground One
Special Price $200
Product Id 1136

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