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Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

ID: 225

Regular Price: $775

Special Price $600

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A very popular add on option to almost all models, Monkey bars are a great option to help kids build upper body strength.

“Quit monkeying around!” Now there’s a phrase you won’t hear on any Playground One!® monkey playground bars. Our playground monkey bars are designed with safety in mind to ensure hours of fun and play. They are sturdy and are engineered to offer a good grip. They also offer some great benefits for your playground:

1. They Let Kids Access Play Areas in Different Ways

Moving from swingset to monkey bars or from the bars to a deck gives kids new ways to explore the playground and can make your playground more inclusive by allowing kids to access play areas differently. Different movements can also encourage kids to get full-body workouts and to work more muscle groups.

2. Monkeybars Offer Lots of Different Play Opportunities Great for Physical Health

Monkey bars can help kids build upper body muscles and hand strength, which can, in turn, help them with writing and other fine motor skill activities. Monkey bars can even be used for stretches of the whole body, and chin-ups on the bars can build strength in the shoulders, arms and neck as well.

In addition, monkey bars can help children build gross motor skills. Kids can use the bars in different ways to work different muscle groups. They can try exercises, hang from the bars for a good stretch, crawl over the bars and even play games with them.

3. Monkey Bars Can Build Confidence

For younger kids, bars can be intimidating, especially if they’re still developing upper body strength. As kids play on monkey bars, though, they can gain confidence, and it can feel great for them to realize they can climb high in the air by themselves! Playground One!® bars are made from quality materials to ensure safety, letting kids build confidence with less worry.

4. Monkey Bars Can Be Great for Older Kids

Preteens and older kids can enjoy getting a workout on monkey bars and can work on their upper body strength for team sports. Even adult caregivers can get in on the fun with some chin-ups!

If you want to design a playground with monkey bars, you need to consider safe heights and good quality surfacing underneath to provide added safety. To create the right play area with monkey bars, contact the team at Playground One!® to discuss your needs. Our design experts can help you create the right play area for your needs.

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A very popular add on option to almost all models, Monkey bars are a great option to help kids build upper body strength.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Playground One
Special Price $600
Product Id 225

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