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10' Double Wall Wave Slide

10' Double Wall Wave Slide

ID: 836

Regular Price: $250

Special Price $200

Availability: Out of stock

It's the original thrill ride.  10' slide fits most standard deck sizes.  Make
some waves on your classic swing set with this awesome wave slide! The
double wall construction and structural divots underneath, increase the
durability and safety of the slide structure. The scoop-edge design
provides extra security as little ones zip down the slide!

Mounts at a 5' high platform height.


Available in Green or Yellow!

This slide has a wavy bedway for a fun and different experience. A wave slide creates a different motion than a regular slide, allowing children to go over waves and take a slightly different route to the bottom of the slide. Kids can have fun pretending they're on their way into the ocean or on an adventure.

Our slides are made out of very sturdy double wall construction, with a bright green or yellow color that will match the rest of your play area and appeal to children's sense of visual appeal. Made to last for years and in all kinds of weather, our slides are designed for fun and are tested by both engineers and kids for durability and that cool factor.

Kids of all ages will love this slide. There's a reason why this is a classic on playgrounds. It provides hours of motion and fun, and is a bit of a challenge, since kids have to climb up to slide down. Kids love the experience of height and movement, and having a goal to climb to the top encourages them to keep moving, which is important for physical activity.

Why Include a Wave Slide in Your Play Area?

Your slide can be a standalone feature, or you can combine it with swing sets and other playground equipment for a full circuit of activity and thrills. Slides are simple and provide a great way for children to encourage creativity. Kids can pretend they are sliding down an ocean wave, they’re on a magic carpet or are on another unique excursion.

Slides also encourage social development by getting children to learn to share. Kids need to take turns to slide, which means they have the opportunity to learn about getting in line in order and deciding who will slide first. This can encourage strong social development.

Wave slides give a sense of adventure. Kids can fly down as quickly or slowly as they like, and the wide edges allow them to grip and slow down their slide if they want. The outside of the slide has some textured surfaces, which can appeal to the sense of touch. Parents appreciate being able to supervise their kids on the slide and encourage them to have a great time.

Parents also have the reassurance of knowing they're buying from one of the most trusted and safety-focused companies for a safe and fun experience. Contact a representative to talk to our designers about creating the perfect slide and playset experience for you.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Playground One
Special Price $200
Product Id 836

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