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Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

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A very popular add on option to almost all models, Monkey bars are a great option to help kids build upper body strength.

“Quit monkeying around!” Now there’s a phrase you won’t hear on any Playground One!® monkey playground bars. Our playground monkey bars are designed with safety in mind to ensure hours of fun and play. They are sturdy and are engineered to offer a good grip. They also offer some great benefits for your playground:

1. They Let Kids Access Play Areas in Different Ways

Moving from swingset to monkey bars or from the bars to a deck gives kids new ways to explore the playground and can make your playground more inclusive by allowing kids to access play areas differently. Different movements can also encourage kids to get full-body workouts and to work more muscle groups.

2. Monkeybars Offer Lots of Different Play Opportunities Great for Physical Health

Monkey bars can help kids build upper body muscles and hand strength, which can, in turn, help them with writing and other fine motor skill activities. Monkey bars can even be used for stretches of the whole body, and chin-ups on the bars can build strength in the shoulders, arms and neck as well.

In addition, monkey bars can help children build gross motor skills. Kids can use the bars in different ways to work different muscle groups. They can try exercises, hang from the bars for a good stretch, crawl over the bars and even play games with them.

3. Monkey Bars Can Build Confidence

For younger kids, bars can be intimidating, especially if they’re still developing upper body strength. As kids play on monkey bars, though, they can gain confidence, and it can feel great for them to realize they can climb high in the air by themselves! Playground One!® bars are made from quality materials to ensure safety, letting kids build confidence with less worry.

4. Monkey Bars Can Be Great for Older Kids

Preteens and older kids can enjoy getting a workout on monkey bars and can work on their upper body strength for team sports. Even adult caregivers can get in on the fun with some chin-ups!

If you want to design a playground with monkey bars, you need to consider safe heights and good quality surfacing underneath to provide added safety. To create the right play area with monkey bars, contact the team at Playground One!® to discuss your needs. Our design experts can help you create the right play area for your needs.

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Monkey Bars

Flying across the monkey bars, whipping from rung to rung and watching the ground below you as your feet dangle and your heart races — is there any feeling that can beat that? Nothing captures the excitement of childhood like zipping across the monkey bars on the playground, feeling strong and alive and full of energy.

When you add monkey bars to your home playground, you give your children a fresh way to have fun. They'll enjoy finding a new way to get around your playground while you add useful space right above the swings. Kids of all ages can swing back and forth on the bars, giving you a play opportunity your entire family will adore. Try them out yourself — they're even more challenging for adults.

A very popular add-on option to almost all models, Monkey bars are a great option to help kids build upper body strength. Holding up the weight of their body works their arms, chest and back. Of course, they'll be having too much fun to realize they're getting a workout. All they'll care about is getting across the bars faster and laughing the entire way across. You'll never have a dull moment after you add monkey bars to your playground.

The Benefits of Buying Our Monkey Bars for Swing Sets

Superior Play Systems has monkey bars that can fit perfectly with the swing set you already have in your yard. Purchasing our swinging monkey bars comes with several advantages, including:

  • An easy way to upgrade: If your children are getting older and they're ready for new challenges but still love their old playground equipment, buy them monkey bars as an add-on that brings a new aspect to the existing playset.
  • Outstanding construction: We sell only equipment made with the best material that will stand up to intense play. We know kids can be tough on play products, and we provide the exceptional durability you look for in whatever you buy for them.
  • Flexibility: You can add the monkey bars on to your existing playset, giving it an exciting new look that all the neighbors will comment on.

Encourage your kids to make up new games to play on the bars. See who can go across the slowest or hang from one bar the longest. The possibilities for family fun are almost endless.

Find Monkey Bars for Sale From Superior Play Systems

For more than two decades, Superior Play Systems has delivered exceptional outdoor residential recreational equipment that families can enjoy in their own back yards. We're known for providing equipment that will stand up to long-term usage and customer service that goes above and beyond.

Are you interested in getting monkey bars for your backyard swing set? Come to one of our stores and check out these durable sets for yourself. We encourage our customers to see what they plan to buy in person. You can ask us any questions you have as well, and we can show you how strong each set of monkey bars is.

Make your backyard playset even more fun by upgrading to swinging monkey bars, and your kids will want to spend more time playing. Contact us today to make your online purchase.

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